Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The War As We Saw It-link

Just read this, the voices of the true experts on the Iraq War are almost never heard in the MSM, so here you have it straight from the original source, people that actually know what they're talking about.

Monday, August 13, 2007


Just for the record, I ain't done yet. Last week I took a business trip to New Jersey, a place called Forest Lakes, just a short ways from New York City. I went for some training at the Gleebar Corp., they manufacture the equipment I work with. The training went well, we actually finished early and I had time on Thursday afternoon to drive into New York and check it out. I have to say I felt strange there, a feeling kind of like claustrophobia came over me as I walked around parts of the city, I could really feel the constriction of space around me, the press of humanity. I guess I've taken the wide open spaces out here in the west for granted. Now I'm ready for more camping, I want to be somewhere where there's nobody for 1 to 2 miles around me.