Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lady "Blue", photo by F. Liebovitz

"I'm A Fool To Want You" or any other Billie Holiday tune you'd care to insert here.

Thank You Dr. Dean

Kudos to Howard Dean for his vision, he thought his "Fifty State Strategy" would take a few years to prove out and it surprised everyone with immediate success. I think it's fair to say he outmanoeuvred Rove who flogged his tired old "Smear & Fear" ploy right into the dirt.
Hopefully he'll get a full measure of credit for Democratic gains, Chuck S. and Rahm E. would like to claim most of that credit, but progressives will see through this corporatist bluster.
That's how I see the future of the Democratic party shaping up, there's a schism between the DNC and the DLC, the progressive and corporatist wings of the party. You could just as easily say the liberal and conservative elements are jousting for position at the steering wheel.
I want my party to stay true to it's liberal/progressive/populist roots, but I realize that some compromise is likely to evolve, as is necessary for the health of a resurgent Democratic party.

Sunday, November 05, 2006