Monday, March 27, 2006

Colorado's most famous mountain

The Shining Mountain in the early morning light, photo taken on Saturday 3/25, on my way to fish at Happy Meadows. I spent that night in Lake George and fished the tailwater at Tarryall Reservoir on Sunday morning.It got windy at about 10ish and clouds started zipping by, they looked like the outriders of a storm to me so I hit it, sure enough,before I could reach 285 I was in the middle of a spring storm with some good old blizzard like conditions. Got home just fine though, found out today that the system that blew through here really clobbered Wyoming, 20 car pileup on I80, 6 dead.Sad for those folks, sorry for the families, weather is no joke.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Rocky Mountain National Park

I visited Rocky Mountain National Park yesterday and what a glorious morning it was.This picture was taken at the Bear Lake trailhead. The park teems with wildlife, these elk were spread out, at least 100 in the meadow and scattered into the timber, maybe as much as 500.

Alpine lakes, streams and beaver ponds are all over the park, I bought an annual pass for $35, I'll be coming back for some fishing soon.

Social Security Video- link

Here's a beautifully composed little primer, debunks the S.S. hockum that's been spouted by the chimp.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

European Sophistication

Or is that sopistication? The ad says equal rights for all, so I guess smoking cigs and pissing in the bushes puts this gal on an equal footing with the boys on the other side of the hedge in der Beirgarten. And is she planning to use a handful of the shrubbery or just drip dry?

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Interesting article by Chomsky, laying out the realignment of world order and power. In Asia he sees a developing relationship between China and India, portending an awesome nexus, and in the west, Cuba is finding ways to assert its influence, particularly with Venezuela, but throughout the third world. Meanwhile, the US exhausts it's resources and credibility on George's excellent adventures in the Mideast. Anyway, it seems that a big source of the hubris that infects the current American regime is the notion that the USA is the world's sole superpower, now that's a house of cards.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Teacher Reinstated-Link

A Denver area teacher will be making some concessions to get back in the classroom.

Long Scraggy Mtn.

lookin' good

The fate that Bush deserves- link

just saw this over at Atrios' joint, couldn't help thinking that dimson deserves no better.


This is the rollout of my blog. I'm not to sure what this is about just yet, I do need a place to post my photos, so I'll try posting one now.